7x half-hour makeover show produced for MTV Australia.

    Hosted By Jules Sebastian. Directed by Reuben Field & Damien Cassar.

    In 2012, Starchild was approached by MTV to develop a new fashion series that would resonate with their young audience. We were given a basic brief that involved a fashion stylist overhauling the style of fashion tragic teenagers and twenty somethings. We took this brief and developed the tone, look, feel and format for a makeover show. Starchild conducted a search for a host and lucked upon Jules Sebastian – wife of pop star Guy and professional stylist in her own right. Jules was the perfect fit for the show and Style Me was soon born.

    Each week the show followed Jules, often totally out of her comfort zone, making over the style of a fashion misfit. Style Me focused on the quirkiness of the characters and explored their personalities and world. The show is funnier and more thoughtful than most reality TV: we meet their families, get to know their inner most fears and what’s really behind those terrible outfits. Jules then helps the fashion challenged contributor to face their fears and bring the best version of themselves to life through fashion.

    Style Me was a ratings hit, massively outperforming its timeslot average.