Dungoona had humble beginnings. Late in 2008, we wanted to boost our drama credentials and decided to make a trailer to enter into the MTV Optus ONE80PROJECT. The contest requires entrants to make a 180 second trailer and the winner gets $180,000 to make their idea into a one hour telemovie to screen on MTV. Our trailer, “Wauchope” (which can be seen by clicking the white dot, above right), won by unanimous vote – and as a result we made the one hour drama “Dungoona”.

    Dungoona is an original idea from Reuben Field and draws upon his and Dean’s youth. It centers around Mr Berlin, a brilliant teacher in a rough-as-guts Australian school and his best and worst student: foul-mouthed, pregnant fifteen-year-old Gemma. Mr Berlin challenges the kids of Dungoona to shape up and rise out of the cycle of poverty they find themselves in.

    Dungoona is currently being considered as an 8-part series by a number of Australian television networks.


    MTV Australia