Facilitation + live events


We are a small but super efficient team with lots of local knowledge and production expertise. If your project is large, we will expand to suit your needs. If your project is small, we can easily cater to shoots requiring just 1 or 2 person crews.

Our flexible approach means that your specific needs can be met in a cost efficient and tailored way. We will work with you closely at every stage to ensure that your production is a success.

We can provide you with assistance from conception through to postproduction including making preliminary investigations into filming in Australia. This can allow you to fully explore filming here before committing to significant expenditure.

We can also:

  • location scout
  • prepare budgets
  • obtain quotes
  • coordinate local travel logistics
  • prepare visa applications
  • research production specifics
  • recommend and engage local crew and cast
  • connect you with local resources
  • discuss filming with local authorities and advise you of relevant regulations

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Our Head of Production, Jo Thatcher, has years of experience in facilitation. She has worked on over 20 multi-camera music concert recordings in the UK, Europe and the US in a variety of locations including stadiums/arenas, historic sites and intimate music venues.

Jo has been involved in major music festivals and live TV awards ceremonies including the Mercury Music Prize and the Kiss Awards, to name a few.

Jo has also worked on various large-scale reality shows in the UK such as Big Brother, Fame Academy and Shattered.